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Time For Tea Designs

Time For Tea - Blender Brushes - Small/Medium/Large Black (3pcs)

$17.99 USD


  • Our Beautiful Blender Brushes have the most incredibly soft pure white synthetic bristles you won’t be able to stop feeling them!
  • The handles are smooth plastic so they are really comfortable to hold.
  • The flexible neck allows you to easily blend your inks without having to work hard.
  • They come in 2 different sizes, medium and large.
  • You can cover large areas easily and create fine detail without lifting your stencils depending on the size if brush you use.
  • 1 x Large Black Brush, 1 x Medium Black Brush, 1 x Small Black Brush.
  • Use our brushes with your choice of inks to create beautiful blends and an airbrushed effect to your projects.
  • You won’t believe how effortless it is.
  • They are super easy to clean.
  • Simply wipe of the excess ink onto a micro fibre cloth and your brush is ready to use again.
  • We recommend you have a separate brush for each colour family to prevent any colour being transferred, however, you can use the same brush for different shades within the same block of colour.
  • 3pcs, 1 x Large Black Brush, 1 x Medium Black Brush, 1 x Small Black Brush