Claritystamp - Journaling - Clear Stamp Set with MASK


SKU: STA-PA-10230-A5

This is clear stamp set from Claritystamps. It has 10 different elements in it that are perfect for art journaling. The size of the set is 15cm x 21cm. 
  • Diamonds: 57mm x 43mm
  • Cup Stain: 35mm x 42mm
  • Silhouette Swallow: 30mm x 35mm
  • Outline Swallow: 30mm x 35mm
  • Plant: 24mm x 92mm
  • Weave: 60mm x 41mm
  • Silhouette Corner: 23mm x 23mm
  • Outline Corner: 29mm x 29mm
  • Words: 45mm x 76mm
  • Wave: 105mm x 10mm