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Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport - Spellbinders - Build A Bouquet - Clear Stamp Set

$8.99 USD

Poppy Girl Clear Stamps is a set of four stamps that includes two different flower images, poppy pod and a drawing of a girl with free flowing hair. The clear stamp is designed to be used with an acrylic block.

Jane Davenport’s stamp design reflects her free flowing expression through her iconic faces, fantasy creatures and quirky quotes. Stamp with Jane’s Squid Inks and store in her Collection Binder for safe keeping.

Approximate size:
Poppy Pods: 1.10 x 2.60 in. 2.80 x 6.60 cm
Pansy: 1.50 x 1.70 in. 3.80 x 4.30 cm
Poppy: 2.20 x 1.70 in. 5.60 x 4.30 cm
Poppy Girl: 2.10 x 2.70 in. 5.30 x 6.90 cm