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Rubber Dance

Rubber Dance - Watercolor Christmas Stamp Set

$22.99 USD

Sheet of UN-mounted, red rubber stamps. 13 x 18 cm (5 x 7 inches)
These stamps makes it easy to create watercolour Christmas cards. Look at the beautiful sample photos!

Here's how to use them:
Stamp the ornaments with a water based ink on watercolour paper. While the ink is still wet, use a paintbrush with a bit of water and "pull" the ink towards the middle for a quick and easy watercolour effect.

After your "watercolour" has dried, you can make a negative mask to cover the paper around your ornament and use the pattern stamps to add decoration inside them.

Susanne Rose, who designed these stamps, has made video tutorials with tips and ideas:

Drawings by Susanne Rose, © Rubber Dance

***You will need to mount these on EZMount which you can find in the Tools Section of our Web site***