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Heffy Doodle

Heffy Doodle - Clear Stamp Set - Essential Phrases Sentiment Stamps

$14.99 USD


  • This handy set of 25 phrases makes adding any sentiment to your card so easy!
  • Use with word dies, jumbo sentiment dies, or any stamp sentiment in your craft stash!
  • Stamps in this set include: "Wishing You A", "Have An", "Have A", "Wishing You A", "You Are A", "Your Are An", "It's A", "Sending You An", "Sending You A", "You", "Yay!", "You're So", "Let's", "It's An", "Hope Your Day Is", "Party", "You Are My", "Years Old", "Day", "Years Young", "Today", "Birthday", "Sending You", "Are You Really", and "You Are".
  • There are also punctuation marks: ! and ?
  • You can also further customise the phrases in this set by masking or trimming stamped sentiments to create new phrases to suit your needs.
  • This set will make adding the perfect tailored sentiment to your project a breeze.
  • A real essential in any craft stash!